good work at Cannes Lions


The brief I choose was from the Greenpeace USA and it was super short:

the brief

We want to knock the halo off the head of the coal industry;

to expose all parts of the life cycle of coal, from mountain top removal to toxic emissions;

to inspire people to join the energy revolution.

Goal for this brief: reach new audiences.

tv script energy [r]evolution – 35”

Background sound: space noise & heartbeat.

We see the dark empty space.

We are passing by some stars.

Super: One day somebody will search for a live…

Nothing changes. We see the same empty space.

Super: and won’t find it…But you can change the future of your planet today.

We see the human hand that wipes the small piece in the middle of the 'space'.

Fingers become dirty with black stuff (coal). And under the fingers we see the Earth.

Cut to black.

Super: Quit Coal and start the Energy [r]evolution!

Greenpeace loved the concept and decided to use video as a PSA in the USA in 2011. It was also running on


Mila Mukhortova

copywriting, art direction;

Ilya Berezin

post production, motion graphics.